Pizza Plaza is the perfect place and so much more than just a restaurant!
If you’re looking to celebrate your birthday, company outing, or just want to get all your friends together for an amazing night out, then use our unique -Do It Yourself- Pizza Concept!
You can share it with your friends or family. Start by choosing your favourite toppings from the buffet line. After that, decorate your pizza with the selected toppings include the pizza sauce and cheese. Once that is done all you need to do is bake it a few minutes in the oven. Ready to eat?
Just let us know what you want to do for your party and we will help you decorate and celebrate in style.

  • Plan and Design Your own function

  • Can serve group up to 32 people

  • Located in Pattaya

  • Special Food and some decoration

  • Fun, Joy, Nice Food, Perfect Environment @ Pizza Plaza

  • The atmosphere is friendly and casual



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